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Interior Painting

Interior Painting in Maple Grove, MN

Why call us for interior painting in Maple Grove, MN? Because any room can transcend the norms with Bounty Painting’s selection of paint colors and professional services!

Professional Interior Painting in Maple Grove, MN

As a homeowner in Maple Grove, MN, you need a change every once in a while. Did you know that new paint color in the bedroom or living room can change your entire perspective on your home’s style and comfort? In addition to elevating your interior design, high-quality paint also protects your walls and hides damage for amazing results that last for years.

If you want to paint that outdated room with a vibrant new color, why not use our talented team at Bounty Painting? Our interior painters offer competitive pricing, fantastic craftsmanship, and more. Let us reinvigorate each square foot of your home with brilliant colors from timeless products.

Outdoor paint jobs require lots of preparation, the right tools, and attention to detail, so choose our dependable exterior painting service for a job done well!

Reinvigorate Each Room with Our Interior Painting Services

An interior painting job allows you to reinvent your home’s interior aesthetic, whether it’s reminiscent of the Midwest’s fine classic cars or the latest contemporary interior design trends. Why not paint a room in light shades to reflect more natural light and brighten it? Or deep, richer colors that bring warmth and depth to any Minnesota home’s well-used gathering spaces.

Interior painting in Maple Grove, MN, doesn’t just improve your home’s appeal, though. Are there water damage stains and scuff marks? Paint fixes it all while increasing your home’s value. 

However, every paint job needs a professional touch to ensure it doesn’t fall short of your expectations. Why risk paint bleeding onto ceilings, trimming, and borders, or subpar paint products that peel or fade within a few years? With Bounty Painting, you never have to worry about a streaky, uneven cure that looks tacky and unfinished—our work is flawless! 

Beautiful Interior Painting in Maple Grove, MN

Our experienced interior painters in Maple Grove, MN, treat each square foot of your home with respect and care. After a great paint job, you may not even feel like going out to the grand Emagine Maple Grove Theater when you can watch a film in the comfort of your own revitalized living room. 

It all begins with a free estimate for each room that needs a new coat of paint. We offer competitive prices and unmatched services, supporting all our work with a satisfaction guarantee. If our service falls short of your expectations in any way, we won’t rest until we remedy the situation.

We also focus on phenomenal customer service and clear communication, two foundational elements for lasting relationships with our Maple Grove, MN, customers.

Revamp your bathroom or kitchen with our cabinet painting services and witness the unbelievable transformation!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Aaron and the team were there when he said that they would be. I am blown away with the quality and care given to our project. The cabinets are superbly finished as are the walls. Will be calling Bounty Painting again and recommending to all my friends and family.

David Bartholomew

The guys did a great job. They quoted us a weeks worth of work and got it done in 2.5 days. Nice and efficient workers. Would recommend!

Luke Miller

Fantastic, as a former painter it’s easy to be hyper critical of work done, but these guys are amazing. Have recommended and will continue to do so in the area. Thanks.

Derek Neumann

The Go-to for Interior Painting in Maple Grove, MN

Home is where the heart is, and no painting contractor should enter it without the right skills, products, and experience. So, choose Bounty Painting, the go-to for interior painting in Maple Grove, MN, for reputable service and stellar results.

Schedule your free estimate with Bounty Painting at (612) 460-0972 today for top-notch interior painting in Maple Grove, MN.

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