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The Hottest Kitchen Cabinet Colors for 2024

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Upgrading your kitchen can take many different routes, key among them updating your cabinets. High-quality cabinets provide a fantastic style upgrade that makes your home even more appealing to you, your family, and everyone who visits. Before calling cabinet painters, though, we suggest doing a little research on your options for colors. After all, 2024 is almost here, and you need to make sure you choose hues that fit your needs. Thankfully, we’ve done the hard research for you and can help you find the best kitchen cabinet colors for 2024. Here’s what you need to know if you plan on upgrading your cabinets any time soon.


If you’re a big home-flipping show fan, we know what you’re likely thinking: what has been done to death! It’s true that many designers on those shows seem to only know one trick: painting everything white. But there’s a reason this color is so popular.

White kitchens will never go out of style, and stunning upgrades like new white cabinets reaffirm why the kitchen cabinet market continues to stay strong. Did you know that, according to Globe Newswire, this market should hit $94,840 million by 2028?

White may seem bland and cliche at first glance, but with options ranging from eggshell to cream to ivory, it truly provides the best array of hues. Look at it this way: you can easily pair white with every other color on the market and get a fantastic look for your kitchen cabinets.

The one thing to keep in mind before choosing white cabinets is their easy staining surface. Any minor spills will stand out and stain quickly. However, if you’re careful, put down various pads when cooking, and clean up immediately after spilling anything, you shouldn’t have any big issues here.


Black might seem a little shocking for your kitchen cabinets, but hear us out. Black cabinets provide a modern and timeless look to your home that goes the opposite route of beautiful but predictable white cabinets. In other words, it’s a delightfully rebellious choice.

If you plan on taking this path, you’ll need some lighter colors to counter the starkness of black. Whites, blues, and greens may work well to this end. This helps to minimize the starkness of this color scheme.

For instance, you could add a little white around the edges of your tiles to create a slight contrast. We also suggest adding some white spackle to the backsplash and throughout the lines between tiles. In this way, you can create an attractive look that makes your cabinets more memorable.

Our one warning for black cabinets is that black tends to be a “shrinking” color. By that, we mean it makes rooms seem smaller but captures the light and minimizes potential reflections. Be sure to consider the dimensions of your space before you move forward with this color.


When it comes time to call cabinet painters for your home, asking them to use blue might just be your best bet. While this color may not be as popular as white, it’s not far behind due to its easy adaptability and comforting hues.

Look at blue in this way: both white and black are extreme colors, in a sense. Black is striking due to its darkness, while white brightens up any room. Blue sits somewhere between the two but offers more appeal than some other mid-range colors due to its diverse hues.

For instance, there’s a big difference between ocean blue and neon blue, as well as the darkest blues on the market. As a result, you can create varying shades throughout your kitchen that catch the eye and make this a standout color in your home.

If you add blue to your kitchen, we suggest pairing it with black or white. Navy blues and aqua blues go particularly well with white and create an oceanic feel to your home. You and your guests are sure to love this transformation!


Gray is sometimes considered a gloomy or boring color without a lot of life or excitement. However, gray’s subtle nature is precisely what makes it such a great option for your kitchen cabinets! If you’re on the fence about this color, consider the following.

We believe that gray is underrated or misunderstood by the average homeowner. Think of gray as bringing a marble-like appearance to your cabinets. When you think of it that way, you’ll see that it adds a touch of elegance and sophistication that makes your cabinets even more attractive.

Note that gray comes in many different shades, as well. You could blend varying light and dark hues to create surprisingly complex and appealing looks. We can’t emphasize enough that this color is far more advanced and interesting than many homeowners believe.

That said, a few standout colors can help your gray cabinets look even better. For instance, you might want to add black, white, and other hues throughout your kitchen to add a bit of intrigue. You can also balance different textures and tones to create a one-of-a-kind look that makes sense for your desired aesthetic.

Other Colors to Consider

While the four cabinet colors listed above are our favorites for the upcoming year, we’d be remiss if we didn’t give some love to a few other options that will make your home stand out. Green is particularly popular now and will most likely stay so in 2024. Shades of this color provide a natural and organic feeling to a kitchen, making it a fantastic option for homeowners looking to create a soothing, relaxing space.

If you’re looking for an unconventional option, you may also be wondering if you should try shocking colors like red or pink for your kitchen cabinets. We think that lighter salmon pinks would look great in many kitchens. As for red, it’s probably best used as a complementary color rather than the primary hue. However, if you’re feeling bold, the right cabinet painters can make red cabinets work!

Of course, as you consider the options available to you, please note that going with more striking or shocking colors could date your kitchen. Furthermore, it could make it harder to sell: neutral tones still appeal most to the average buyer. So, try to utilize unconventional colors only if you plan on staying in your house for the foreseeable future and want a cool and interesting look that makes sense for your taste.

By now, you should have several ideas about which cabinet colors would be ideal for your home. Of course, if you need extra help making this decision, expert cabinet painters can help you choose the option that will look best in your kitchen. If you’re ready to get started on this exciting home upgrade, you’ll need to hire the best professionals for the job. At Bounty Painting, we bring the highest level of customer service to every painting project, and we’ll work with you to give your cabinets the exact look and feel you want. With expert techniques and complete dedication to your satisfaction, we’ll deliver the quality results you need for your kitchen. We even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Contact us today to learn more about our services or schedule a consultation. We look forward to taking your cabinets to the next level!

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