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Don’t Believe These Common Commercial Painting Myths

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Professional painters often handle both residential and commercial projects. According to Zippia, in the U.S., there are currently more than 5,424 painting contractors employed. Of course, not all of them are equipped to handle both commercial and residential jobs. Before hiring professional painters for your upcoming project, be sure to understand these false myths and the ways that they’re incorrect. Commercial painters can likely handle more aspects of your project than you might have expected!

Commercial Painting Only Applies to Exterior Projects

Contrary to popular belief, commercial painting is relevant to both interior and exterior projects. Commercial building owners need to be sure to keep both interior and exterior paints crisp and clean. Professional painters have the skill and expertise necessary to handle all aspects of your building’s painting needs. In addition to managing your exterior project, you can hire the same team to handle everything inside, too. There are many advantages to using the same professional painters. There’ll likely be some economies of scale, you’ll have a single point of contact for all your painting projects, and you’ll save time searching for a separate painting company for your interiors.

The physical appearance of your building, both inside and out, is important even when it’s not open to the public. For clients, employees, or any visitors, your commercial building is often what they think of when they think of your brand. You want to make sure that your commercial structure is in good repair and is well-maintained both inside and out. Interior spaces like conference rooms, public areas, restrooms, and hallways should all be painted in attractive colors or neutrals. Fortunately, your commercial painters are able to handle all of these tasks for you.

All Paints, Even Those Used on Commercial Buildings, Are the Same

This is false. There are a number of different types of paints and coatings that are appropriate for commercial structures of all types. The first step is to consult local fire code regulations and other safety rules. It might be the case that you’re required to use a certain type of paint depending on the location of the building and its use. Once you’ve determined the right paint, you’ll want to talk to your client about the variety of coatings that are available for commercial projects. These can help protect the paint from fading due to UV rays and keep the building looking better for a longer period of town.

The interior of a commercial building will see more wear and tear than a home. This means that you want the paint to be able to stand up to scuffs, spills, and heavy traffic. When you meet with your paint contractor to review your project, you can bring up any concerns you have about protecting the paint from the heavy wear and tear it’s likely to see. Spending more on premium paints often costs less in the long run as the paint will last longer and need fewer touch-ups.

Your Commercial Project Will Take an Excessively Long Time to Complete

Many building owners fear that their paint project will take weeks to complete, if not months. Unless the building is incredibly huge, this is typically not the case. Professional painters are trained on specialized equipment and also have mastered time-saving techniques. Unless your building’s footprint is complex, it shouldn’t take an excessive amount of time to complete your exterior painting project. This is true even if you’re having the building coated and then sealed. You might be pleasantly surprised by your painting company’s estimated timeline!

Interior commercial painting can often have a similar timeframe as residential projects. The main differences are the amount of prep work that commercial jobs require as well as the expanded amount of area to cover. Choosing the same paint color is one way to save some time, but often isn’t necessary. When you get your quote for the project, the time to complete should be listed as well. If you have any tight deadlines for completing the work, be sure to discuss them with your contractor. In most situations, accommodations can be made. Don’t hesitate to ask how long the project will take at the start of the discussions. You’ll be well-prepared and will know exactly what to expect from the process.

You Need a Large Team to Paint a Commercial Building

Of course there are many large commercial buildings that require huge crews working for days. But, in most cases, a smaller team of skilled workers is more than enough to get the work done in a timely manner. The best teams are judged by how well they work together, not how large they are. When the crew working on your building is well-trained and comfortable working together, they can accomplish a lot in a short period of time. It’s not always necessary to hire the largest crew out there to get your job done.

It’s just not true that the more people you have working the more efficient the process. In fact, the opposite is often true. Talk to any painting company you’re considering hiring about their training programs. You might want to also ask how long the crew has been working together. This will give you some insight into how comfortable they are together and how seamlessly they’re able to approach the project. Once you find a company that provides efficient work with exceptional results, you’ll want to bring them back the next time your building’s interior or exterior needs to be repainted.

There’s No Special Skill Needed for Commercial Painting

While the painting part of the job is a lot like any other type of painting, there are a number of skills that commercial painting companies need to have. Firstly, they need to manage a fairly large team. This team can include contractors working on other aspects of the building or require the painters to coordinate with them. Scheduling isn’t done in a vacuum, and commercial painters are often working in tandem with other tradespeople. These projects also require attention to the budget and timelines. Solid project management will ensure that your job is done correctly, on time, and within budget.

Another skill that commercial painters need to have is knowledge of local building codes including fire and safety measures. There are many regulations in place for commercial buildings. Anyone working on them needs to be aware of them and help their customers remain in compliance. A professional company will handle all the fire and safety requirements and ensure that their work is up to code. Don’t overlook this important skill when you’re interviewing potential companies. They should have systems in place to ensure that all their work is in compliance with local ordinances. Strong organizational skills are key for every successful company.

When you need professional painters for your commercial building, Bounty Painting is here to help. Our team of painters has the training and skills needed to handle your joy. We provide our commercial clients with the services they expect and the professionalism they want. When you want a company that’ll be conscientious of the disruption their painting can cause, you can count on us to plan our work in order to minimize any effects on your business and its regular routine. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and schedule a consultation to discuss your commercial painting needs. We look forward to working with you and help keep your building looking great!

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