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5 Paint Colors to Consider for Your Bathroom Cabinets

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For many of us, the bathroom is where we go to decompress following a stressful day. You can take a shower to calm your body down or go for a long soak in the tub to relax. Achieving peak relaxation can be difficult if your bathroom décor isn’t conducive to that. Look into cabinet painting if you wish to turn your bathrooms into more relaxing and accommodating spaces. In this article, we’ll discuss how to choose the right colors for your bathroom cabinets.

1. Feature Timeless Bathroom Design With Cloud White Paint

White is the classic color choice for bathroom décor, and it makes sense from the standpoint of both aesthetics and practicality. From an aesthetics standpoint, white paint is a good choice for your bathroom cabinets because it matches with just about everything. No matter what color your bathroom tiles and fixtures are, they will mesh well with the appearance of your white cabinets.

Using white paint for your bathroom cabinets also keeps various design options open. You can pursue a more traditional design scheme with white paint serving as a complementary element. White cabinets also blend seamlessly into modern design schemes. Choose more striking colors for the rest of your bathroom so your white cabinets stand out even more.

Practically speaking, white cabinets are great to have inside the bathroom because they don’t hide anything. The white paint will highlight any stains, so you’re unlikely to miss them. Making stains visible is important because they can alert you to potential leaks and other bathroom issues.

So, which shade of white paint should you use on your bathroom cabinets? Cloud white paint is a terrific choice for this particular application. The cleanliness of cloud white paint allows it to shine within the bathroom setting. It also does a great job of making the bathroom space feel larger.

2. Highlight Your Finely Crafted Bathroom Cabinets With Pitch Black Paint

According to Open Door, you should consider painting with colors that will remain popular 10 years down the line. If we’re talking specifically about bathroom cabinet painting, you can argue that the color black is the safest choice from that standpoint. Black bathroom cabinets can be terrific additions to your home in different ways.

First off, black paint is prominently featured in many modern design schemes. If you’re looking to keep your bathroom décor relevant, having beautifully painted black cabinets will certainly help. The prominence of the color black in modern design is unlikely to die down anytime soon, so sticking with that hue is a wise choice.

Using black paint on your cabinets also allows you to feature a variety of bathroom looks. The final product will be gorgeous as long as you use the color black with bright elements. Since most bathroom fixtures tend to be brightly colored, you won’t be limiting your options by sticking to black paint.

Pitch black is the paint you should consider using on your bathroom cabinets. The deep color that pitch black provides is the perfect backdrop for finely crafted bathroom cabinets. The black color will highlight the best aspects of your bathroom cabinets, thus allowing them to pop even further within that setting.

3. Accentuate Your Bathroom Décor With Fantasy Blue Paint

The color blue is an excellent choice for cabinet painting because it provides the type of brightness that is always welcome within the bathroom setting while maintaining additional visual intrigue. There’s more nuance to the color blue that differentiates it from white paint. If your goal is to feature your bathroom cabinets more prominently, blue paint can certainly help with that effort.

One of the challenges of using blue paint inside the bathroom is figuring out what you want it to be. Is the blue paint supposed to be a complementary element, or do you want it to be the focus of your new bathroom décor? You can create stunning bathroom designs adopting either philosophy. However, you do have to pick a specific direction and stick to it, or else your new décor will fail to impress.

Making that decision can be difficult, and you may not be ready to commit until you see the new cabinets. In that case, fantasy blue paint should be your color of choice. Fantasy blue paint is one of the rare blue variants that can work as both a complementary color and the central element of a design scheme. It all depends on how you choose to highlight its icy undertones.

4. Opt for Understated Elegance With Sage Green Paint

If you’re going to use green paint inside your bathroom, design trends seemingly suggest that you have to rely on darker tones. That approach makes sense because of the other fixtures typically found in the bathroom. Since many bathroom fixtures often feature lighter colors, you don’t want a shade of light green getting in the way. You want to create a harmonious visual, and that is seemingly only possible with the darker green paints.

Interestingly, it seems like that trend is starting to shift, thanks mainly to the emergence of sage green paint. Sage green paint is making its way into more households these days, and it’s easy to see why. It provides another alternative for homeowners keen on using neutral colors but would like to steer clear of the more conventional options. You can use sage green paint on your bathroom cabinets without disrupting your established décor.

One of the best features of sage green paint is the way it ties room décor together. You don’t have to limit its usage to your bathroom cabinets. Feel free to coat your bathroom walls and ceiling with that same color.

5. Let the Natural Appearance of Your Bathroom Cabinets Shine With Wood Paint

Last but not least, let’s discuss the prospect of simply using wood paint on your bathroom cabinets. Right off the bat, it’s important to note that only using wood paint is not an option for everyone. This approach won’t work if your bathroom cabinets are lacking in terms of appearance. Whether they feature an unimpressive look due to age or the quality of the wood used, some cabinets are simply not suitable for showcasing.

That said, wood paint does a fantastic job of accentuating the beauty of expertly crafted cabinets. The wood grain running through your bathroom gives them a unique quality. You can truly say your cabinets are unlike other bathroom fixtures by featuring the wood grain front and center.

Wood paint does more than highlight the natural appearance of your bathroom cabinets. It also provides an extra layer of protection. That additional layer of protection is especially important in the bathroom.

Your wooden bathroom cabinets may absorb plenty of moisture due to where they are installed. The water from your shower may splash toward your wooden cabinets, and the water from your fixtures may also reach those compartments. Maximizing the longevity of your bathroom cabinets should be your priority. Using wood paint will help you accomplish that goal.

Cabinets can be useful fixtures that also elevate the appearance of your bathroom. Make sure your bathroom cabinets positively contribute to your home décor by coating them with the best paint options currently available. Consider the paint options we detailed in this article and marvel at the ways they transform your bathroom cabinets. Reach out to our team at Bounty Painting today to learn more about our expert cabinet painting services!

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