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3 Colors That Will Trend in 2024, and 3 Colors That Will Be Out the Door

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Working with professional interior home painters is a great way to stay on top of today’s most popular colors. These professionals can provide valuable insight when it comes to which colors are trending, which ones are on their way out, and which ones are always in style. According to Benjamin Moore, the best-selling interior paint colors are earth tones, white, beige, and gray. These are always great colors to choose from, and they also go well with some trendier shades. Here’s an update on color choices for 2024.

Incoming, Exciting Color Options

If 2024 were to have a theme, it would likely be “Happy at Home.” Incoming color palettes are either a new twist on some standard neutrals, or deep, rich colors that create cozy living spaces. It’s all about creating a retreat from the hectic hustle and bustle of the outside world. Of course, we all know that even the hottest trends aren’t a hit with everyone. If you’ve ever spent time in a room where the color and furnishings felt like a giant hug, that’s what’s in store for 2024 interiors. None of these color palettes are hard and fast rules. And the trendiest color is the one you love the best! Working with knowledgeable interior home painters will allow you to use trends as guidelines. Choose the shades that speak to you, and don’t be afraid to make a few modifications.

1. Cozy, Soft Black

Soft black can look almost blue or green, depending on the light. It’s a perfect shade for a living room or any other space in your home where relaxing happens. This shade feels comforting and cozy. It’s perfect with deep green and blue accents. Soft black might sound like a contradiction in terms, but it’s really not. This is an elegant take on a standard color that’ll pair well with just about every other color and design scheme. The richness boosts the comfort level of the shade, making it an elegant choice that’s warm rather than cool. When you work with professional interior home painters, they can provide some guidance on how to get this shade exactly right.

2. Honey-Infused Beiges and Tans

Beige and tan will always be popular standards for interior paint colors, but when you add a little honey to these two colors, the effect is something a lot more modern. If you want a cozy room that feels bright and sunny, this is one color to consider. This is an elegant shade for dining rooms and more formal spaces. It’s an elevated neutral that’s sure to take hold in homes everywhere. Expect to see a lot more of these yellow-infused colors in the coming year. This color is perfect not only for a cozy reading nook but also for kitchens. You’re likely to see a lot more honey-infused tans on kitchen cabinets quite soon.

3. Grayish Blues

This is one of our favorite hot colors for 2024. Described as a new neutral, it’s a shade of blue that immediately elevates the comfort level of any room. It’s perfect for living spaces and bedrooms too. Look for shades that remind you of beachy colors that have been faded by the sun. As darker hues dominate the coming year, you can expect a lot more gray undertones. Deep, rich greens and blues will carry the day. If you’re looking for a soothing color for your home office that’s not too distracting, these gray blues are an excellent choice.

Get Ready to Move On From These Colors

The colors that are going out of style in the coming months are any that could be described as aggressive. Your bright, harsh reds, bright white (except in the kitchen), and mainstays like navy blues are starting to feel uninspired. The order of the day is now cheerful and homey spaces that make a home feel like your sanctuary. Anything that feels disruptive is on its way out. It’s no longer about making a statement but creating a comfortable and cozy home. Trend forecasters aren’t even mentioning entertaining too much. The current trends are for families who want to enjoy time together in a relaxed setting. Choosing the right palette for your home and lifestyle is a lot easier when you work with an expert team of professionals. They can take your ideas, personal tastes, and preferences and incorporate them into today’s hottest trends.

1. Anything too Harsh, Especially Red

Spicy reds still remain on-trend, but anything too harsh is being shown the door. Remember, 2024 is all about comfort and happiness. Choose reds that are muted but still add life and vibrancy to the room. Bright reds with orange undertones will also be seen quite a lot. We’re still in love with paprika as a color for living spaces and bedrooms and plan to carry it into the coming year. If you can’t live without your bright colors, choose elevated pastels and other shades that are bright and cheerful, but not overly vibrant. Painting accents like doors and window trim in bright hues is a perfect way to add bright colors while keeping the overall feel of the room relaxed.

2. Plain White in Living Spaces

Are you as tired as we are of hearing about everyone’s favorite shades of white and all their different thoughts on undertones? While we still love a bright-white kitchen, plain white is being phased out of living spaces. Instead, it’s time to consider yellow. Adding even a small amount of yellow to a can of white paint will bring a brighter, softer feeling to any room. A pale lemon yellow is a perfect way to keep a neutral tone while adding visual interest. Yellow is poised to have a pretty big moment, so anything that uses this primary color as a base is a likely winner. If you want to keep a neutral palette, consider toning down the bright whites to shades that are a bit more subtle. It’ll still be a fresh and bright color option, but just that much warmer and more inviting.

3. Navy Blue

Switch out navy for cobalt or royal blue to stay in line with upcoming trends. Anything that’s too staid and traditional is starting to feel ho-hum. Brighter shades of blue are the order of the day. And these aren’t your typical blues. Think more of a brighter cobalt with a hint of sea green. Traditional blues are a perfect foundation color when combined with some trendier secondary hues. Now’s not the time to embrace an old-school aesthetic, but those colors don’t need to be completely ignored. Experiment with some of the newer shades, and you might be surprised. When you want to make a statement in a room, these blue shades definitely deliver.

We’re the interior home painters to call when it’s time to give your home a refresh. If you want to create a color palette in your home that’s current and exciting, the paint colors that you choose are important. Our team at Bounty Painting is here to help you through every step of the process. Contact us today to learn more about our services and get an estimate for your project. We look forward to working with you to help you create the home of your dreams!

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